Certified Installer
By Dubai Police

We are a Certified Installer with Dubai Police; our Engineer holds the highest grade in certification.

TAPA credit

Our Installation of CCTV and Access Control Systems at TNT Warehouses has earned TNT distinguished level of TAPA credit and recognition.

best project
By Honeywell Life Safety

Received the award for the best project from Honeywell Life Safety. We received the award for the project - Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islamic holy place in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Partner of choice
By Honeywell Security

Won the "Partner of choice" award from Honeywell Security in 2007.

Maintaining 117 ATMs
Standard Chartered Bank

We are maintaining 117 ATMs with branches for Standard Chartered Bank all over IP.

Best New Distributor
By Novar (Honeywell)

Won the “Best New Distributor” award from Novar (Honeywell) in 2003-2004.

Exclusive Suppliers
Dubai Metro

We are the exclusive Suppliers to Dubai Metro for Teknoware Central Battery Emergency Lights system and completed our works before time; 09/09/09.

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