Orientals Al Malki is a Low Voltage Systems Integrator & building Management System Provider in the Middle East. We introduce and distribute State-of-the-Art. Low Voltage products and related systems within the Building Services Industry. We make available to our customers the best possible technology and solutions in line with their requirements and also conforming to International Standards. For a number of years we have repeatedly proven it with undiminished trust of our clients.x

Fire Protection & Alarm systems

Orientals Al Malki offers an extensive range of fire alarm services in Qatar. Regardless of the nature of your business, we install and maintain an extensive range of fire alarm systems suited to all environments. Ensuring that your premises are adequately protected from the threat of fire is not only vital for the safety of your staff and visitors but is also a legal requirement for all businesses.

Emergency Lighting Systems

In critical situations, emergency equipment that works perfectly can mean the difference between life and death. Orientals Al Malki design emergency lighting to guarantee the best possible evacuation lighting, We have also paid attention to its workmanship.

Building Management Systems

We are a leading Building Management Systems (BMS) integrator in Qatar and specialist in effectively controlling buildings so that heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are running at peak performance. This reduces energy consumption, optimises comfort and helps organisations in operations and maintenance as well.

BTU Metering Systems

We are expertise in supplying extensive range of products and providing solutions for consumption measuring, meter reading and billing of costs for cooling, hot & cold water and electric is tailored to the individual needs. Whether you are designing a new build or looking to retrofit your existing building with BTU meters, it is in the best interest of any landlord or building owner to meter multiple utilities, and recover as much of the cost as possible by passing the responsibility on to the residents or tenants.


Won the “Best New Distributor” award from Novar (Honeywell) in 2003-2004.


We are a Certified Installer with Dubai Police; our Engineer holds the highest grade in certification.


Won the "Partner of choice" award from Honeywell Security in 2007.


Our Installation of CCTV and Access Control Systems at TNT Warehouses has earned TNT distinguished level of TAPA credit and recognition.


We are maintaining 117 ATMs with branches for Standard Chartered Bank all over IP.


Received the award for the best project from Honeywell Life Safety. We received the award for the project - Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islamic holy place in the Old City of Jerusalem.


We are the exclusive Suppliers to Dubai Metro for Teknoware Central Battery Emergency Lights system and completed our works before time; 09/09/09.

Fire Alarm Systems

We do complete design, supply and installation of fire alarm systems as per the local Qatari Civil Defense (QCD) regulations and standards, all material supplied is QCD Approved material, with certification.

Security &Closed-Circuit Television CCTV

approved by Ministry of Interior (MOI) System Security Department (SSD), for design supply and install complete integrated surveillance systems, we offer turnkey solutions.


Building Management Systems BMS

Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Energy Management System (EMS) Data gathering panels (DGP) Modbus, Lonworks, and Bacnet - All refer to communications protocolsFront End’ - legacy term used to refer to the BMS Operator Workstation


FLOVAC Vacuum Drainage Systems

Flovac Vacuum Sewerage Systems are the largest designer, supplier and operator of municipal vacuum sewer systems in the world. Vacuum sewerage systems have been accepted in over 50 countries